Essential Packages

We offer tailored packages to suit your business - whether you’re just starting out or your business is too big to manage on your own.

We understand the different business growth stages, and our packages are specifically tailored to meet these.  We believe in fixed fees designed to abolish scary surprises and provide easy, manageable monthly costs to help your cash flow.

We do what we do to make your day easier and more enjoyable!



Just starting out or have only been operating your small business for less than a year? Keep things clean and compliant with this package designed for you.
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Flying solo

Flying Solo with your small business for more than a year?  The ideal package if you are taking off, but are not quite ready to employ anyone yet.
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A package designed for a small but growing business with a couple of staff members.  Keep your business compliant, clean and tidy... and ready for the future.  

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Excellent for small businesses with quite a few monthly transactions, employing four or five people.  You will appreciate our support as you work hard to grow even further!
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full flight

Perfect for larger or Full-Flight businesses with 6+ staff members, many transactions and the probability of more.  This is the full monty service package that gives peace of mind with unlimited phone support.
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