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Some Frequently Asked Questions - and some handy tips...

What does a bookkeeper do?

Business information is used to evaluate the performance of a company. It is a bookkeepers primary responsibility to ensure 100% of a business’ transactions have been picked up and recorded accurately. Having a sound knowledge of accounting and tax concepts is critical in ensuring accurate business information.

What does hiring a bookkeeper cost?

There are many factors that can influence the cost, such as size of the business and frequency of the pay cycle. Fixed fee bookkeeping is a good way to know your costs upfront. 

How do you charge?

All fees are agreed upfront based on the package tailored for your needs, and debited on a monthly basis via Direct Debit on the 1st of each month.

What are the benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping and payroll?

  • More time to focus on your business

  • Save money and do not have to employ someone for a fixed annual salary.

  • You pay only for the services that you need

  • Access to accounting experts on a fulltime basis without having to pay for a full time salary.

  • Scalability is very flexible, compared to an in-house bookkeeper

  • Timeous and accurate reporting

What does a good bookkeeping system do?

With the new technology available to us today, even bookkeeping has changed and we no longer have an excuse to use a manual bookkeeping system. Cloud access has given us the opportunity to have a business and travel the world while we have instant access on our mobile device to our business information.

Some features that you need to look for in bookkeeping software can include:

  • Affordability and accessibility

  • Easy bank reconciliation

  • Multiple bank accounts

  • Foreign currency

  • Invoicing and quoting online

  • Purchase orders which switch easily to bills for payment

  • Manage your cash flow with scheduling of payments

  • Inventory

  • Payroll

  • Integration with other apps or systems

  • Amount of Users – unlimited

Online accounting software packages such as Xero are capable of doing all of these features.  Being cloud-based, it allows the user to access information anywhere, on any device, at any time, meaning you don't have to be in your office to access your information!  



Do I need to be local?

Not at all!  On a personal level we love to meet our clients but with the cloud based technology we use, we can do business anytime anywhere. 
Naturally, if you are local we would love to meet for a coffee….

Do I need to fix my books before I contact you?

No, just hand it over to us and we will fix it for you!  It is easier, quicker and more efficient for us to start with the source data and enter it rather than trying to interpret and fix incomplete and missing entries.

I haven't done my last bas return!

We can take care of it for you and remove your stress - this is very common, we have seen it before!   We will liaise with the ATO and see if we can get penalties and interest waived on your behalf (no guarantees, but we will try our best!)

I spend a lot of time on my payroll, is there an easier solution?

A simple solution is to outsource your payroll. We ensure your payroll is compliant and is processed accurately and timeously. Payroll can be a very complex area and outsourcing it to a specialist will save you time and money.

What support is included?

Our support can include anything, from a quick query of "how do I do this?" to us facilitating regular reports and business reviews. Some of the tasks that either take much longer or require a lot more work may require a fee, but these are all agreed beforehand - and only if it's something outside the scope of our work.

Can I add and remove things as and when I need them?

Absolutely!  All we ask is a month's notice.  We appreciate that start-up businesses may not need payroll or have GST requirements just yet. But, as your business grows (and we want all our clients to grow!) we'll be there to assist you.  


It's super easy! All you need to do is notify your current accountant that you're moving to us and we'll take it from there, liaising with them for all your tax records and accounts.